• Product Image - CLe Series Printers

    Industry Leading Throughput
    The CLe Series printers use a fast, powerful 32-Bit RISC processor and high-speed interface to deliver excellent performance at an outstanding value.

    Rugged Industrial Design
    The CLe's heavy-duty metal construction, proven reliability, and excellent media handling deliver optimum performance in the most demanding environments.

    Connectivity and Application Flexibility
    The CL408e/CL412e and CL608e/CL612e printers simplify connectivity with seven options of user configurable Plug-In Interface Modules. For centralized printer management and administration, the CLe Series offers 10/100 Ethernet (wired) and wireless (802.11g) interface solutions.

  • Product Image - M5900RVe Printer

    Designed for Demanding Direct Thermal Applications
    The M5900RVe offers long life printheads with 2,000,000 linear inches warranty. The printer mechanism is optimized for direct thermal media use.

    Industry Leading Throughput
    The M5900RVe uses a powerful 32-bit RISC processor and high-speed interface to deliver excellent performance at an outstanding value.

    Rugged Industrial Design
    The M5900RVe's heavy-duty metal construction is designed specifically for direct thermal applications and delivers optimum performance in the most demanding environments.

  • Product Image - GT4e High Performance Industrial Printers

    • Field Installable Printheads Enable User to Quickly Change Print Resolution
    • Tri-Port Interface Provides Multiple Connectivity Options
    • Icon-Driven Operating System Makes Printer Operation Easy to Learn
    • Multi-Function Operation Keys Provide Programming Flexibility

  • Product Image - M84Pro Series Printers

    Heavy Duty Metal Construction
    The Pro Series' rugged all-metal design makes these printers ideal for heavy-duty use in the harshest environments. The metal enclosure provides full protection of the print mechanism and media in any mission-critical application.

    High Speed and Performance
    The M84Pro uses the latest technology to provide maximum performance and eliminate wait time. The powerful RISC CPU delivers print speed of up to 10 inches (25.4 cm) per second, enabling you to generate the most complex label formats quickly and efficiently.

    User Configurable Print Resolution
    The Pro Series printers offer superior print quality at 203, 305, and 609 dpi. By simply changing the printhead, you can quickly convert the M84Pro to any of three available print resolutions.

  • m10e-sato-apogee_Page_1_Image_0002

    Wide-Web Industrial Printers
    The M10e's are designed to handle media widths of 11.8" and print widths of 10.5" in direct thermal or thermal transfer modes. A sophisticated system of sensors and media guides assures proper media registration and simplifies paper loading.

    Thermal Transfer Wrinkle-Free Operation
    M10e printers utilize a revolutionary anti-wrinkle ribbon mechanism, which assures trouble-free operation in most thermal transfer operations, increases printer reliability, performance, ease of use, and greatly reduces down time and user intervention especially in mission critical applications.

    Print Technology Replacement and Connectivity
    The M10e finally brings benefits of thermal printing technology to markets and applications historically dependent on inferior print technologies such as impact, ink-jet, and laser. Thermal technology offers an array of benefits making the M10e an ideal candidate for applications involving print technology replacement. A large selection of user configurable Plug-In Interface Modules (incl.10/100 Ethernet, and wireless 802.11g Wi-Fi) simplifies connectivity.

    The M10e wide web thermal industrial printers are ideal for a range of applications, including:

    • Chemical Labeling
    • Automotive Labeling
    • Paper/Pulp Labeling
    • ODETTE Labeling
    • Shipping & Receiving
    • Multiple-Up Labels