• Automotive Parts Labeller

    In operation, the labeler is parked in its home position away from the product area to facilitate loading. With a product placed in position on locating pins, the operator initiates the apply cycle which moves the labeler to the start location. It then traverses in line with the labeling area while synchronously dispensing and wiping down the film label without bubbles or wrinkles until finished; at this time the labeler traverses back to its home position allowing for product removal.

  • Integrated Loose Loop

    The unique design of the 360 labeler easily provides the "integrated loose loop" as an important adjunct to the merge, tamp blow and air blow configurations, and in either right or left hand versions for prime or secondary labeling requirements, the benefits are exceptional.

  • Mass Production

    Not only can CTM deliver both standard and custom labeling solutions, when it comes to large-scale labeling projects, CTM stands alone. If your requirement is one system or 100 systems, CTM is prepared to respond! Our state of the art manufacturing facility, along with our unparalleled commitment to production and inventory demands, allows us to respond faster than any of our competitors!

  • Top / Bottom Thin-Line Product Labeling

    This system was designed and manufactured to apply top and bottom labels to empty foil and film pouches and other miscellaneous low profile, thinline products and packages. Successful and reliable product handling included a combination of custom vacuum conveyors with ancillary devices required to finesse even the most unstable of products. Depending upon the products to be labeled, stacks of products can be introduced onto the system using variations of several infeed devices.

  • Forms Table

    The forms table shown is the standard CTM forms table with a single 360 Series merge applicator. The forms table shown is equipped with the standard infeed magazine and gravity fanfold collection hopper. Custom forms tables are available with powered unwind and rewind rolls capable of handling pin fed form material in roll-to-roll format. Extended length forms tables are available with multiple label applicator flexibility. Custom scanning and sensing with variable modes of label application are also available.

  • Low Profile Carton Labeling

    Carton / Case labeling requirements vary from packaging line to packaging line. The carton labeling system shown is an example of some of the variations that can be provided.

  • Customization of Label Applicators

    Throughout the course of your labeling project needs, sometimes standard "off the shelf" label applicators just won't get it done. When hardware or software customization is required, CTM can get the job done! Our vast library of systems and labeling solutions provides an invaluable reference resource to pull from. Never been done before? Our favorite! The cutting edge is our playground! System integration is what we know best at CTM.

  • Custom Printer Applicators

    Printing and applying labels utilizing Thermal / Thermal transfer printing technology is one of the most demanding challenges in our industry. "Out of the box" is not always the answer. CTM has designed and manufactured many custom Print / Apply systems.

  • Decorative Bottle Labeler

    The system shown was designed to label a top shelf Bourbon Bottle. The end user was in pursuit of a specific look that required the application of five labels to each product. The bottle was gated into the labeling area where a leading edge label was applied. Front and back labels were applied in the second labeling station where the bottles were secured by the top hold down belt. A top tamper evident label was applied over the decorative cork top and wiped down the sides of the bottle neck. A complete wrap label was then wrapped around the bottle neck to secure and cover the trailing edges of the tamper evident label.

  • Labeling and Batch Counting

    The system shown was designed to label a small shipping container. Each container was labeled with a shipping label that contained variable shipping information. The variable data printed on each label was handled via a loose loop arrangement. Additional product handling was required for labeled products as the packages were shipped both singularly and in bulk. Boxes could be fed through the system one at a time or through a stacker counter that was programmable to various stack heights. A lane divider / router directed boxes or stacks of products to one of two possible loading platforms. Rows and columns of product were then accumulated on the loading platforms by a preprogrammed collating device.

  • Wine Bottle Labeler

    This system was specifically designed for the wine bottling industry. Two modes of operation are required in most wine labeling applications.

  • Pail Labeling System

    The CTM Pail Labeler is a heavy duty labeling system designed for use in industrial production environments where dependable, accurate and trouble free labeling of pails is required. Pail labelers are available with either 360 Series labelers or 3600 Printer Applicators. Fanfold label supply and roll fed label supply configurations are both available.