• Tabletop Wrap Labeler

    Round products are manually loaded onto the infeed magazine. The indexing starwheel will remove one product at a time from the infeed magazine with each indexing motion. Once products have been captured by the starwheel, they are indexed to the labeling station where a powered roller spins the product as the label is applied. Labeled products will then continue around the starwheel until they fall onto the exit chute where they will fall into a collection hopper (collection hopper or box is not included).

  • Tabletop Workstation

    Semi-Automatic Labeling Systems are available in several variations. The tabletop workstation shown at left is equipped with a 360 series tamp labeler and custom fixturing. The fixturing provided is designed for small products that require very tight tolerance label placement.

    Semi-automatic labeling systems are designed with both ease of use and operator safety in mind. Most workstations are available with either dual opto touch switches or foot pedals to cycle the label applicator. A major advantage of the CTM tabletop labelers is the incredible flexibility of the 360 Series Label Applicator. From slower semi-automatic label applications to the most demanding high speed, tight tolerance automated production lines, the 360 Series Label Applicator can provide an entry level solution at a very economical price that can be used for more demanding applications in the future as your business grows!

    Most Semi-Automatic work stations are also available with the 3600-PA Series Printer Applicator.