• Wrap Labeling

    Each CTM Wrap labeling systems is designed with production in mind. The CTM "open architecture" approach is ideal for long run products and permits quick changeovers for short run products minimizing costly down time. CTM Wrap labeling systems are designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments. From the robust construction and user-friendly operator adjustments and control features right down to the industries most durable and versatile label applicators and printer applicators, no other labeling system compares.

  • Front / Back Labeling

    3 Modes of Operation
    Single Label Application, Front & Back Label Applications, Cover Label or Re-Label Applications, All modular conveyors are equipped with CTM's rugged Versalum extruded aluminum side frames, Electronically matched top trap ensures optimum system flexibilitya and performance, Variable labeling speeds to 300+ Products per minute depending upon applicator configurations, System easily integrates into existing packaging lines or off line configurations

    Options may include:
    Spot labeling capabilities, Product eject stations, Redundant labeling, 90 degree product turn stations, Barcode verification scanner, Red, green, amber light stacks.

  • Bottom Labeling

    Bottom labeling systems are available in two configurations. Above left, a dual hugger belt assembly is used to transport products through a top and bottom labeling station. The dual hugger belts provide a positive drive through virtually any method of labeling.

    Below left, split belt conveyors convey products over a bottom labeler. Products with adequate mass or products that vary in width are ideal candidates for this method of labeling.

    Each method of labeling is somewhat unique and specific to a given range of product sizes, shapes and weights. Both systems are available with a full range of options and accessories to optimize operator efficiencies and ensure complete line integration. Our support staff can review your bottom labeling needs to ensure a correct system match to your application.

  • Index Wrap Labeling

    Modes Of Operation: Single Label Applications
    Single labels (front or back) can be applied to various diameter or height cylindrical products. Labels can be oriented specifically to physical characteristics, registration marks or existing graphics.

    • One applicator required
    Front & Back Label Applications
    Front & back labeling will require front and back labels to be converted in alternating fashion on the same web. As the indexer rotates each product, the controller will monitor the product's rotation and trigger the applicator to apply the labels 180 degrees opposite each other.
    • One applicator required
    Front & back labeling can also be accomplished with two applicators. The front labels would be converted on one roll with the back labels being the product rotation after the first label has been applied.
    • Two applicators required