1, 2 or 3 labels with print/apply, or apply only Low label /out of label detection Serial or Parallel Interface 12" O.D. x 3" I.D. Unwind Universal Mounting Bracket One Vacuum Pad/Manifold Assembly. Photoelectric Product & Label Detect Low Ribbon/Out of Ribbon detection.
Unit of Measure


Conveyors Wide x Long

N/A 3.75" x 10' 3.75" x 12' 3.75" x 8' 8.25" x 10' 8.25" x 12' 8.25" x 8'

O.D. x I.D.

N/A 12 x 3 in

Voltage (AC)

N/A 120 V


N/A 30 A


N/A Operator Interface PLC controlled

Air Consumption

N/A 3 - 9 CFM

Air Pressure

N/A 80 psi

Labeling Speed

N/A 120 PPM

Min. Shipping Weight

N/A 1200 lbs

Max. Shipping Weight

N/A 1615 lbs


N/A 90 Degree Turn Station Disk Presence Detection Product Metering Wheel

Spot Labeler Options

N/A Integral System Mounting Low Label Detection Strobe Light T-base Mounting Stand Web Break detection


N/A All Conveyors Include:

  • Electrical Control Enclosure
  • Operator Control Console
  • Mattop Chain Surface
  • Versalum Low Profile Conveyor Side Frames
  • Modular Labeler Mounting Assembly w/traverse & column
  • One, Three-Fold Tooling Assembly
  • Casters & Leveling Pads
  • Bar Code Verification Includes:
Microscan Scanner
  • Push-Button "Teach" Mode
  • Product Detect Scanner
  • Pneumatic Eject Mechanism
  • PLC Control
  • Eject Chute
  • Red, Green, Amber Light Stack
  • One Electrical Relay for Major Fault for Customer Use
Note: If bar code verification is not required, a relay output/input for fault conditions is optional

Spot Label Applicators

Will accommodate CTM 360 Series Blow-on, Tamp or Merge Label Applicators (may require additional conveyor length).