A major automobile parts supplier was hand placing approx. 2-1/8" wide x 10-3/8" long, thin plastic film labels onto plastic radiator shrouds of four different designs. The slow production rate and errors in placement was costly and lacked the quality appeal demanded by the manufacturer. CTM Integration provided a Model 360 merge style labeler mounted on a 2-axis pneumatic and servo motor driven slide table and a unique locating fixture with 4 axes of adjustment with dial indicators for repeatable set-ups at design change-over.

In operation, the labeler is parked in its home position away from the product area to facilitate loading. With a product placed in position on locating pins, the operator initiates the apply cycle which moves the labeler to the start location. It then traverses in line with the labeling area while synchronously dispensing and wiping down the film label without bubbles or wrinkles until finished; at this time the labeler traverses back to its home position allowing for product removal.

The 4 axes of product location tooling and the coordinated movements of the labeler traverse provided for accurate and repeatable label placement and appearance at up to 14 cycles per minute.

A video of the system is available upon request.
Unit of Measure



N/A 2 1/8" Wide x 10 3/8" Long

Labeling Speed

N/A 0 to 14 cycles per minute