Stepper Motor
The 360HS stepper drive will dispense labels at speeds of 2100 inches/minute.

The 360HS is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics featuring Dual Microprocessor control. One 32-bit processor supervises the application program while the digital signal processor (DSP) supervises the motion loop resulting in faster response times and improved application accuracy. The 360HS controller is also equipped with onboard I/O prewired to external connectors to accommodate the following:
  • Low Label Conditions
  • Web Break and End of Web Conditions
  • Tamp Extend & Tamp Home Switching
  • Rate & Velocity Compensation
  • Profiling
  • Zero Downtime Configuration of Applicators
Each machine is shipped preprogrammed with prewired connectors to control all of the above accessories. Some additional hardware may be required.

The electronic control assembly has been packaged as a module. Each control module can be easily removed for repair or replacement, eliminating costly downtime and servicing costs.
Unit of Measure


Voltage (AC)

N/A 108 - 132 V


N/A 50/60 Hz


N/A 10 A


N/A Single

Air Consumption

N/A 0 - 4 CFM

Air Pressure

N/A 60 - 90 psi

Labeling Speed

N/A 1500 - 2100 in/min

Product Sensing

N/A Retroreflective scanner provided as standard, other types available

Min. Air Blow Label Size

N/A 3/4" Wide x 3/4" L

Min. Merge Label Size

N/A 3/4" Wide x 3/4" L

Min. Temp Label Size

N/A 3/4" Wide x 3/4" L

Max. Air Blow Label Size

N/A 5" Wide x 5 1/2" L

Max. Merge Label Size

N/A 5" wide x 20" L

Max. Temp Label Size

N/A 5" wide x 10" L

Max. Label Roll Size

N/A 20" O.D. x 3" I.D. Core

Optional Label Roll Size

N/A 16" O.D. x 3" I.D. Cores 16" O.D. x 6" I.D. Cores

Label Placement

N/A ±1/32 in

Air Blow Dimensions

N/A 39" wide x 38 1/2" Tall x 27 1/2" Deep

Merge Dimensions

N/A 43" wide x 40" Tell x 27 1/2" Deep

Tamp Dimensions

N/A 42" wide x 37" Tall x 27 1/2" Deep


N/A The CTM 360HS Series Label Applicator is a rugged, versatile applicator loaded with standard features that are optional on most other applicators. The 360HS Series Applicator can be configured as a blow on, merge or tamp applicator. Each module can also be easily switched from right to left hand dispensing mode. Each applicator is equipped with a 20" non-powered unwind/powered rewind.