The CTM Continuous Feed Dual Unwind (CFUD) is a stand alone unit designed to eliminate down time associated with supply roll changeover and help increase production speeds.

Continuous feed dual unwinds improve the efficiency and lost time of any roll-fed labeler by providing nonstop, uninterrupted label supply at high speeds. The continuous feed dual unwind functions as a standard loose loop controlled powered unwind. When the supply roll in use unwinds to a Predetermined level, a sensor activates a warning light and signals the drive to feed the remaining labels into a holding bin. The second roll of labels is then spliced to the end of the web as the labels in the bin are consumed. The operator completes the changeover by reloading the empty station and resetting the system for the next changeover.

The CFUD is equipped with low label and end of web alarms with a strobe light indicator as standard features. There is a dual manual clamping system on the splicing table. These features maximize use of label material.

The CFUD is supplied with a variable speed drive motor that is adjustable to correspond with production dispense speeds with a maximum feed rate of 3000 linear inches/minute. Typical operating speed being 1800 - 2000 linear inches/minute.
Unit of Measure


Voltage (AC)

N/A 120 V


N/A 50/60 Hz


N/A 10 A

Max. Linear Dispensing Speed

N/A 0 - 3000 in/min

Typical Linear Operating Speed

N/A 1800 - 2000 in/min

Roll Type

N/A Dual Supply Roll

Roll Outer Diameter

N/A 20 in

Roll Inner Diameter

N/A 3 in

Max. Web Width

N/A 7.5 in


N/A PLC controlled

Dimensions W x D x H

N/A 47 x 27 x 55 in

Crated Shipping Weight

N/A ~756 lbs


N/A Core Adapters



  • PLC Controlled
  • Dancer Arm Tension Control
  • PLC Enhanced Braking System
  • Variable Speed Dispense Rate
  • Low Label Alarm
  • End of Web Alarm
  • Dual Manual Clamping System on Splicing Table



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