Redundant labeling systems are designed to ensure successful non-stop labeling system operation for long run, high speed production lines. Primary labelers can be backed up utilizing our unique "zero downtime" set-up configuration. This sophisticated electronic control is provided with each standard 360 Series label applicator. Labeling systems can be provided with the secondary labeler configured to both label mislabeled products and to take over labeling when major fault conditions occur on the primary labeler. The unique "cross-talk" communication between applicators means no missing, skipped or double labels between applicators during the transition from the active to inactive labeler. Even when the primary labeler faults have been corrected and the labeler is brought back on line, the secondary labeler knows when to stop. The result is continuous operation with no missing labels or double-labeled products. The security labeling system shown is a prime example of a redundant labeler configuration.

"When the liability of labeled products rests on your shoulders", the CTM redundant labeling solution is the only choice.
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Voltage (AC)



Roll Outer Diameter

Roll Inner Diameter

Max. Web Width

N/A 120 V N/A 50/60 Hz N/A 10 A N/A 20 in N/A 3 in N/A 7.5 in
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